Framing The Other

  • 9.7 10
  • 2012
  • 24min
Framing The Other
  • Original Title: Framing the Other (2012)

Framing the Other is a documentary about a tourist whose comfortable ideas about taking photos of exotic tribal people in Ethiopia are shaken by her encounter with a Mursi woman.

Framing The Other

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"Framing the other" The footprint of tourism in an indigenous community

The women of the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia are known for placing large plates in their lower lips and wearing enormous, fully decorated earrings. 

Hundreds of Western tourists come to see the unusually adorned natives, so posing for camera-toting visitors has become the main source of income for the Mursi. To make more money, they embellish their "costumes" and finery in such a manner that less of their original authentic culture remains. 

The film contrasts the views of Mursi women and those of Dutch tourists preparing for a meeting. This humorous and at the same time chilling film shows the destructive impact tourism has on traditional communities.


Willem Timmers
Willem Timmers Directing

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CAMERA YOU productions

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