Fragile Memory

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  • 2022
  • 85min
Fragile Memory
  • Original Title: Fragile Memory

As the memories of Soviet cinematographer Leonid Burlaka dim with Alzheimer's, his grandson races against time to piece together a cinematic legacy shaped amidst censorship and change.

Fragile Memory

AWARDS: Grand Jury Prize - Special Mention. Angers European First Film Festival/ Special Mention. Trieste Film Festival/ Special Mention - Students Jury Prize. Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival/ Best International Film - Honorable Mention. DocAviv Film Festival/ Golden Dzyga. Ukrainian Film Academy Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Ivanko Krakow Film Festival/ Trieste Film Festival/ Sofia International Film Festival/ Odesa International Film Festival/ 

Fragile Memory - Fading memories against time


This gripping documentary follows Ihor, a young filmmaker and dedicated grandson, on a poignant quest to preserve and understand the illustrious yet fading cinematic history of his grandfather, Leonid Burlaka.


Once a prominent cinematographer at Odessa Film Studio during the 1960s, Burlaka's life's work risks being lost to the shadows of Alzheimer's. Ihor delves into decades of film reels, personal videos, dusty letters, and the memories of aging colleagues to stitch together the vibrant tapestry of a career forged during the thaw of Soviet repression.


As Ihor unearths films that traveled the globe and stories suppressed by censorship, he not only reconnects with the grandfather he is losing day by day but also discovers the historical and personal impacts of Leonid's art. With each frame and faded memory, Ihor draws closer to revealing the depth of his grandfather’s contributions to film and history.

Ihor Ivanko
Ihor Ivanko Director

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