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Forest Of Gold

  • 5 10
  • 2014
  • Nonemin
Forest Of Gold
  • Original Title: Hryso Dasos

Yorgοs Kalivas is a farmer who didn’t raise a family but “raised” trees. He has a deep affection for his patrimonial land and lives alone in the primeval forest of Skouries, in northern Greece, devotedly cultivating his chestnut trees and looking after his beehives. Yorgos’s destiny is tied to that of the forest, which is now in danger of being destroyed due to its subsoil, rich in mineral resources. The plan of a multinational company to construct a goldmine in the forest of Skouries, a few meters away from Yorgos’s land has prompted an unequal battle and has multiplied the extent of his loneliness and despair. Even though Yorgos never wanted war, war has arrived on his doorstep

Forest Of Gold

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