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Flatland 2: Sphereland

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
Flatland 2: Sphereland

In the exciting sequel to "Flatland: The Movie", Hex encounters all new mathematical puzzles and embarks on a journey across multiple dimensions to save a doomed Flatland space mission and discover the true shape of her universe. Based on "Flatland" by Edwin A. Abbott and "Sphereland" by Dionys Burger.

Flatland 2: Sphereland
Dano Johnson
Dano Johnson Director
Tony Hale
Tony Hale King of Pointland
Curtis Luciani
Curtis Luciani King of Lineland
Shana Merlin
Shana Merlin Queen of the Left
John Merriman
John Merriman Worker Square
Kate Mulgrew
Kate Mulgrew Over-Sphere
Danny Pudi
Danny Pudi Puncto
Danu Uribe
Danu Uribe Queen of the Right
Michael York
Michael York Spherius

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