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Fists of Pride

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  • 2011
  • Nonemin
Fists of Pride
  • Burmese, Thai

Fists of Pride follows Little Tiger and his fellow fighters as their Thai coaches prepare them for the annual Water Festival competition. In a boxing camp on the Thai-Burmese border the children of mostly illegal migrant workers fleeing Burma live and train for prize fights. In a region where combat sports have always been a matter of honor and money, the film reveals their daily struggles. Bets are open and as the hope of prize money rizes, the young boxers contemplate what it could mean for them and their families

Fists of Pride
  • Burmese, Thai
Hélène Choquette
Hélène Choquette Director, Writer
Joël Provencher
Joël Provencher Director of Photography
Olivier Léger
Olivier Léger Sound Designer
Claude Beaugrand
Claude Beaugrand Sound Designer
Luc Boudrias
Luc Boudrias Sound Designer
Anthony Rozankovic
Anthony Rozankovic Original Music Composer
David La Haye
David La Haye Executive Producer
Philippe Chabot
Philippe Chabot Executive Producer
Louise Mercier
Louise Mercier Executive Producer

Production Companies

Aviva Communications