Fish Eye

  • 10 10
  • 2020
  • 70min
Fish Eye
  • Original Title: Fish Eye

This striking visual essay that explores the harsh realities of industrial fishing and its capitalist roots, revealing the ocean's depths through the eyes of a trawler crew on a monumental quest for tuna.

Fish Eye


Fish Eye - Underpinnings of industrial-scale fishing

Set against the vast backdrop of the ocean, this gripping documentary takes viewers aboard a trawler where a crew embarks on a months-long mission to haul in 2000 tons of tuna. The film captures the raw reality of their life at sea - a testament to human endurance and the pursuit of profit.

Through a mix of poetic imagery and incisive social commentary, it examines the impact of the high consumption of fish and the impact on natural resources and individuals at the frontline of this global industry, prompting viewers to reflect on the sustainability and ethics of mass fishing practices.

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