Finding Hope Home

  • 7 10
  • 2022
  • 47min

Filmmakers Wambui Ndegwa and Cole Lewis make the Kenyan reality visible through the story of a family that began adopting homeless children in Nairobi in 1996.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: San Francisco Indie Short Festival/ Paradise Film Festival 

Finding Hope Home. The children of Nairobi

In 1996, Pastor Lucy and her husband Duncan Ndegwa went to Nairobi, Kenya, and began to feed the children who lived on the streets. 

They became friends with the children and started to let them visit their home. They eventually allowed the children to stay at their home and then started the orphanage, "Gathiga Children's Hope Home" also known as "Tuwape Tumaini Children's Foundation". 

Cole Lewis
Cole Lewis Director
Wambui Ndegwa
Wambui Ndegwa Director

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