• 7.5 10
  • 2019
  • 10min
  • Original Title: Four Feather Falls (1960-1960)

This short film/video installation uses anecdotes that gamers share on internet forums to reflect on the feedback between the world of dreams and the video games.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Milan Machinima Festival

Featherfall. A short about dreams and video games

"Featherfall" is based on research in online forums in which video players exchange their dream experiences. 

It becomes clear how close dream and game worlds can come to each other in the psyche of the users and what feedback can develop between the two alternative realities.

"Featherfall" ties in with the archetypal nightmare of "falling down", which often occurs during puberty. 

Falling without ever landing" exists in video games in the form of a recurring programming error - a glitch - through which the avatar falls beneath the surface into the empty, non-programmed space. 

The glitch as a digital nightmare.

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