Far From The Trees

  • 9 10
  • 1972
  • 99min
Far From The Trees
  • Original Title: Lejos de los ├írboles

With the premise to achieve a kind of lyrical collage, the renowned Spanish filmmaker Jacinto Esteva makes a prismatic portrait of the poorest and deepest Spain, revealing the rites and social dilemmas of its people.

Far From The Trees

Far From The Trees. The rites of the deep Spain under the Franco regime 

With the sharpness and irony that only evoked by "Land without bread", the sharp documentary short film by Luis Buñuel about a very poor spanish town, the renowned Spanish documentary filmmaker Jacinto Esteva builds this social critique of the deepest Spain, a documentary that was censored by the Franco regime of the time.

In Far From The Trees, Esteva achieves this through a compilation of very diverse aspects of Spanish regional folklore with peculiar customs of an “underdeveloped” Spain by crossing the Spanish territory and putting the emphasis on the traditions of each place.

Jacinto Esteva
Jacinto Esteva Director

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