Fanatic Force 1978

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  • 2019
  • 93min
Fanatic Force 1978
  • Original Title: Fanatic Force 1978

They are obsessive, insatiable and extremely imaginative. Meet the Japanese Star Wars fanatics and their passion for collecting items of this epic saga.

Fanatic Force 1978

Fanatic Force 1978. The Star Wars phenomenon in Japan

This fun-packed indie documentary introduces us to one of the most bizarre vintage Star Wars collectibles & memorabilia from Japan. 

The film reflects on how Star Wars affected this far east country and explores how Star Wars was adapted in an unique way through perspective of top collectors. 

Be ready to get to know 5 excentric collectors, including autographs, vintage Star Tours, Japanese adapted old toys, food package collector and owners who collected every single release Star Wars items from 1977 up till now. 

Yuji Ueda
Yuji Ueda Director

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Tokyo Toy Films

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