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Fallen Not Forgotten

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  • 2017
  • Nonemin

This is the exclusive and untold story of a small band of men who overcame incredible odds and hunted Marwan - the Bin Laden of Asia. At dawn on January 25, 2015, thirteen men of the Special Action Force (SAF) attacked the hut where Marwan lived in Mamasapano. The SAF successfully terminated him. This documentary gives us unprecedented access to OPLAN EXODUS, the special operation that took out one of the FBI's most wanted. With never before seen interviews, footage of the actual fighting itself, and dramatic reenactments by elite members of the Special Action Force, we reveal the men mourned by an entire nation. We discover the impact of the SAF's work, and the significance of eliminating the terrorist, Marwan - the man behing the Bali Bombing, the Australian Embassy Bombing (2004) and the JW Market & Ritz Calton Bombing (2009) And in the end as 44 caskets were laid to rest we ask, was it all worth it?

Adrian Belic
Adrian Belic Director, Director of photography
Sally Jo Bellosillo
Sally Jo Bellosillo Director, Executive Producer
Emile Guertin
Emile Guertin Co-Director
Chris Almeda
Chris Almeda Assistant Director
Pamela Carbonell
Pamela Carbonell Associate Producer
Atty. Felipe Cruz
Atty. Felipe Cruz Executive Producer

Production Companies

Caelestis Productions Inc.

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