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  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 38min
  • Original Title: Falcong (2018)

Set in the calm and beautiful countryside of Abruzzo, Italy, this short film makes a portrait of Giovanni Granati, a falconer who reflects on the spiritual dimension of his profession.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Global India International Film Festival/ The Earth Day Film Festival/ Festival Cinematográfico de Mérida

Falcong. The tale of an italian falconer

Giovanni Granati is a falconer unlike any other. During this short film, he presents his calm and thoughtful approach towards life, an attitude he has learned from the birds he trains daily.

Amidst the fascinating countryside of Abruzzo, in Italy, the film extends into a pleasant conversation with Granati, who helps us understand the spiritual aspect of his occupation and how the connection with nature and its creatures can lead us to live life better.

Lara Celenza
Lara Celenza Director

Production Companies

Kalifilm Productions

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