EZK: Beyond The Walls

  • 9.3 10
  • 2019
  • 14min
EZK: Beyond The Walls
  • Original Title: EZK: Beyond the Walls

This short film follows French street artist Eric ZeKing, known as EZK, whose work has been a reference for social and political change in France.

EZK: Beyond The Walls

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Berlin Short Film Festival/ Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest 

EZK: Beyond The Walls. Graffiti for justice in France

this is the story of Eric ZeKing, also known as EZK, a French street artist who uses his art for social and political comment, and whose work, which he strives to align with his values, has become a proactive tool for change over the past ten years.

Shawn Pyfrom
Shawn Pyfrom Director

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