Exu Killed A Bird

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 24min
Exu Killed A Bird
  • Original Title: Exu Matou Um Passaro

After several years in Europe, Violeta returns to her native Brazil to renew vows in her religion. But the years do not pass in vain and she must face her feeling of uprootedness.

Exu Killed A Bird

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Festival Visões Periféricas, no Rio/ Festival Mix Brasil de Cultura da Diversidade/ Mostra da Diversidade Sexual/ Viva Cultura, Sesc-DF, mostra Cinema Humanidades/ Curta Brasília - Festival Internacional de Curta-Metragem/ Festival Internacional Cine BH/ Festival Internacional Cine de América en Hidalgo

Exu Matou Um Passaro. Violeta's return

Violeta returns to Brazil after 20 years in Spain. In the country where she was born, she has a meeting marked with a renewal of vows, her remaining family, a new identity and the strangeness of being back in a place that was never her own.

After his documentary  Escape, available on Guidedoc, the Brazilian filmmaker Vinicius Sassine comes with this observational documentary about a character on the margins. Raw, close and deeply sincere, the film explores the concepts of identity and belonging to a territory.

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