• 8.0 10
  • 2016
  • 71min

Exodus documents the harrowing journey of Syrian refugees as they cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey into Greece. Over three thousand refugees attempt this treacherous crossing everyday, seeking asylum in Western Europe. It's a life and death gamble that they are willing to take for a chance at a new life away from their war-torn homeland.

Exodus, an intimate look at the refugee crisis

The Syrian-born American director, Elias Matar, documents his humanitarian work assisting the Syrian refugees who cross the Aegean Sea and reach Greek sands escaping from the atrocious war that is being waged in their country.

With his own narration, Matar reflects on how much his perspective on his origins has changed as he see himself reflected in the faces of his compatriots, souls who have risked their lives in search of protection.

Matar is skilled in delimiting the communication of his own spiritual experience as a member of the Syrian diaspora, focusing on the details of the deplorable conditions that refugees must face after surviving their risky journey.

Positioning himself as narrator from his unrepeatable point of view with courage and sincerity, the author wants to draw attention to the unimaginable extent of the crisis, one of the greatest in the history of humanity,


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