Excursions In The Dark

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  • 2011
  • 19min
Excursions In The Dark
  • Original Title: John Legend: Conversations in the Dark (Lyric Version) (2020)

This mysterious short film is a kind of night road trip across downtown Cairo spun by the account of the dreams of its inhabitants.

Excursions In The Dark

AWARDS: Dialogue Award. European Media Art Festival Osnabruck

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Paradocs Section European Media Art Festival Osnabruck

Excursions In The Dark. A dreamy road trip across downtown Cairo

This short documentary begins with a quote by Walter Benjamin describing the case in which a historian justifies his immersion in the world of dream interpretation. The text announces the tone and nature of the images and sounds that we will experience next.

The film shows contemplative images of downtown Cairo captured during nightly excursions. The spoken text fragments are part of a series of dreams accounts, collected from residents of downtown Cairo in the days following these walks.

Kaya Behkalam
Kaya Behkalam Director

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Kaya Behkalam

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