Everyday Mysticism

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  • 2018
  • 81min
Everyday Mysticism
  • Original Title: Vello Salo. Igapäevaelu müstika

A globetrotter who went from being a science student all over Europe to a respected Catholic priest in Germany. This documentary is a portrait of a very particular Estonian man in the autumn of his life.

Everyday Mysticism

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Everyday Mysticism. The last chapter of a man's life

Vello Salo is a Catholic cleric in his 90s, but first and foremost, a human being: a free spirit, a man with his own quirks and tricks, not to mention a lifetime of experience and wisdom which has been well-preserved to this modern day.

After leaving Estonia in 1944, Salo's journeys took him to places all around the world.
He was ordained as a priest in Germany and has since taught and worked in Italy, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Canada and Sweden, among other places. 

Since 1993, he is back in Estonia, living and working as a Catholic priest at the Pirita convent.

This film is about the beauty of growing old. It is a story about an old and wise man who is preparing to leave this world and, thus, faces many personal and delicate questions.

How not to loose faith in these final hours? Why are the greatest among us put through the hardest trials in the spiritual realm? 

Jaan Tootsen
Jaan Tootsen Director

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