Every Picture Is An Empty Picture

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  • 2014
  • 71min
Every Picture Is An Empty Picture
  • Original Title: Every Picture Is an Empty Picture (2014)

In this semi-animated documentary, the artist Christoph Faulhaber questions our current digitized world through his own alter ego: a virtual character who flees to a video game when suspected of terrorism.

Every Picture Is An Empty Picture

AWARDS: Best Documentary Feature. International Student Film Festival/ Audience Award. dokumentART/ Jury Special Prize. Fink TV Awards/ CASTELL AWARD. International Film Festival Barcelona/ Rising Star Award. Canada International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Moscow International Film Festival/ DOK Leipzig/ Internationale Hofer Filmtage/ Montréal World Film Festival/ Neues Museum/ Goethe-Institut, Paris/ European Media Art Festival/ Kino der Kunst/ VIDEONALE/ Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel/ Dokumentarfilmwoche/ Vancouver International Film Festival/ Red Rock Film Festival/ Nordische Filmtage Lübeck

Every Picture Is An Empty Picture. A video game to question reality

In this film, an artist under suspicion of terrorism escapes into the virtual environment of a computer game.

In a rapid blend of documentary and fiction, traditional narration, video clip and virtual reality, this documentary unfolds the author’s biography and demonstrates how the artist constantly comes up against the limits of ruling systems.

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