The Empire of Shame

  • 9 10
  • 2013
  • 91min
The Empire of Shame
  • Original Title: Tam-yog-eui je-gug (2014)

The film reveals a little known side of Samsung, known for its mobile phones and other electronics, a company that in South Korea has been accused several times of causing illness and even the death of several workers due to highly contaminating working conditions.

The Empire of Shame

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The Empire of Shame. The shadow of a large electronics enterprise

We can only see the eyes of these men and women dressed in special white suits. They are the gazes of hundreds of workers in a large Samsung semiconductor plant in South Korea.

According to several testimonies given in this crude and ingenious documentary with dyes of social commentary set in a dystopian world, the suit that at first was the subject of jokes would later, with the passage of time, become one more element of a devastating outcome.

While Samsung has been shaping its image as a top-class enterprise through media, there are young labourers who had perished while handling hundreds of toxic chemicals in a sealed factory. This film is a record about vanishing lives of the labourers and their dreams. 

Li Gyeong Hong
Li Gyeong Hong Director

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PURN Production

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