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Eliyahu Rips: The Burning

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin
Eliyahu Rips: The Burning
  • Original Title: Degošais

In April 1969 Ilya (Eliyahu) Rips, then a young student of mathematics, tried to burn himself in a public square in Riga, Latvia protesting against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. He was stopped and eventually sent to a psychiatric hospital for two years. Thanks to international pressure from the mathematical community in 1972 he was allowed to emigrate to Israel.

Eliyahu Rips: The Burning
  • Country: Latvia
  • Original Title: Degošais
Jānis Putniņš
Jānis Putniņš Screenplay, Director...
Andrejs Rudzāts
Andrejs Rudzāts Camera Operator
Elīna Rode
Elīna Rode Producer
Pauls Bankovskis
Pauls Bankovskis Screenplay

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