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Ekstase - Der Prozeß gegen die Satansmädchen

  • 0 10
  • 1979
  • Nonemin
Ekstase - Der Prozeß gegen die Satansmädchen
  • Original Title: Ekstase - Der Prozeß gegen die Satansmädchen

Mondo Cane and the Schoolgirl Report series stand as obvious influences on this occasionally amusing but generally rather tedious exploitation film that alternates between documentary, fake documentary and docudrama. The theme is Satanism and the linking thread is a recreation of what is supposedly the real-life case of a murder and attempted murder of two Munich teenage men by a quartet of girls who had been dabbling in devil worship. During the ensuing trial, the lawyer resorts to dilatory tactics while the hearing is frequently interrupted by the girls breaking into incantation, temper tantrums or shivery fits ostensibly bearing on demonic possession. When the subject of the Manson killings is brought up, the most obnoxious of the defendants breaks in indignantly, claiming that Sharon Tate’s “execution” was justified as she posed dangers to the Satanic community. (cinemadrome.yuku.com)

Ekstase - Der Prozeß gegen die Satansmädchen
  • German
  • Country: Germany
  • Original Title: Ekstase - Der Prozeß gegen die Satansmädchen
Rolf Olsen
Rolf Olsen Screenplay, Director
Anne Magle
Anne Magle (as Ann Forward)
Mathias Eysen
Mathias Eysen (as Matthias Eysen)
Ronni Tanner
Ronni Tanner (as Ronny Tanner)
Sylvia Engelmann
Sylvia Engelmann Dagmar Richard (as Sylvia Angel)
Anton LaVey
Anton LaVey Himself (archive footage)
Günter Clemens
Günter Clemens Sergeant (uncredited)
Reiner Brönneke
Reiner Brönneke (archive footage)
Britt Corvin
Britt Corvin (archive footage)
Rinaldo Talamonti
Rinaldo Talamonti (archive footage)

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