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  • 8.8 10
  • 2014
  • 52min
  • Original Title: Eighteam

The resurrection of Zambia's national football team after losing 18 players in a plane crash in Gabon in 1993. A 18-year road of reconstruction until destiny makes its move: in Gabon, Zambia becomes African Champion after a long 18 penalty-shoot-out.

AWARDS: Best Documentary. African Film Festival/ Gold Award. International Movie Awards Indonesia/ Best Documentary. African Film Festival Silicon Valley/ Audience Award. Offside Fest Barcelona.
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cannes Cinéfiles/ Thinking Football Film Festival/ Overtime Film Festival/ Seminci Valladolid/ Off Side Cinema Fora de Joc/ 6 Cinefoot/ Light Camera Africa/ International Football Film Festival

The Phoenix bird of football in Zambia

An unprecedented penalty shoot-out in the 2012 African Cup final is the climactic moment of the miraculous return of the Zambian football team to the top of African football. Since the accident of the military plane in which all the players of the 1993 football team died when traveling to Senegal to play a World Cup qualifier game, Zambia devoted eighteen years of effort and prayer to rebuild the hope of an entire country.

Director Juan Rodriguez-Briso manages to interview the main protagonists of this great achievement, including football players, journalists, former coaches of the Zambian football team and ordinary people. Their testimonies construct this accurate retrospective that contains historical moments like the famous victory of Zambia against Italy in the Olympics of Seoul in 1988 and the last penalty that would give Zambia its first African Cup, something unusual for a team that has never qualified for a World Cup.

Production Companies

Omnicorp Studio

Purple Media

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