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Dying For Everest

  • 9 10
  • 2016
  • 52min
Dying For Everest
  • Original Title: Dying For Everest

Mark Inglis reached the summit of Everest with both legs amputated in 2006. But his achievement was tarnished by alleged negligence in the death of another disabled climber that day. This film attempts to find the truth of what really happened.

Dying For Everest

Dying for Everest. The mistery of a climb

When mountaineer Mark Inglis reached the summit of Everest with his amputated legs, he was praised by the international press and public. 

But just days later, Inglis was thrust into a cloud of controversy when it emerged that he and his fellow climbers had left behind a disabled climber, England's David Sharp, destining him for a lonely death in the "Death Zone." 

This story was reported in media outlets around the world and provoked strong criticism. However, Inglis and his companions have their own version of what happened and are prepared to tell the truth about the circumstances surrounding that fateful day.

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