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  • 2000
  • 84min

With the texture of videotapes from the early 1990s, a Turkish filmmaker in exile makes a personal essay on the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall on the Turkish community in Germany at the time.

Duvarlar-Mauern-Walls. The Turks in Germany after the Wall

When the Berlin Wall was opened in 1989, the largest minority in Berlin as well as in Germany were immigrants from Turkey.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of two Germanys changed much. But one of the things that didn't change is, people from Turkey are still the largest minority in Berlin and in Germany.

The director of this documentary is one of the millions who were born in Turkey but lives outside of his home country, specifically in the US.

From his point of view, he tells us in a voice-over what this historic event meant for the Turkish community in Berlin, when the xenophobic violence in Germany could no longer be hidden. 

Can Candan
Can Candan Director

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