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Driving Me Crazy

  • 5 10
  • 1988
  • Nonemin
Driving Me Crazy
  • English

Both up-roaringly funny and unerringly cautionary, Broomfield's behind-the-scenes document of the making of a musical becomes a ceremonious unmaking-of as egos, budgets and general calamity conspire to ruin the best efforts of all involved in the New York rehearsals for an extravagant, glitzy production.

Driving Me Crazy
  • English
Nick Broomfield
Nick Broomfield Director, Sound Recordist
Robert Levi
Robert Levi Director of Photography
John Mister
John Mister Editor
Keith Haring
Keith Haring Art Direction
Ted Hope
Ted Hope Production Manager
David Gamble
David Gamble Sound Editor
Tory Estern
Tory Estern Gaffer
Clent Bowers
Clent Bowers Himself
Victor Cook
Victor Cook Himself
Carolyn Dennis
Carolyn Dennis Herself (as Carol Dennis)