Dream Life Of Debris

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  • 2015
  • 11min
Dream Life Of Debris
  • Original Title: Dream Life Of Debris

In this experimental short film, a man traverses landscapes that discourse on modern civilization, the control of nature and the reason for life on earth.

Dream Life Of Debris

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Dream Life Of Debris. An oneiric journey around Britain

The Dream life of Debris, which is very loosely based on W.G Sebald ’s book the ‘the Rings of Saturn.’ This experimental documentary follows a man searching for meaning in his life. He goes back to the origins of man, questioning the very essence of our origins, from nature to neolithic sites and back to modernity again. 

He tries to find notions of freedom and individuality in a world far away from modernist society. Yet the further he goes, the more he struggles to escape, feeling often detached from reality and conflicted with his inner romanticism for nature. The dream life of debris is a film which analyses our cultural origins and our once strong bond with nature which is more and more in decline in modern society.

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