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Double Barrel

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin
Double Barrel
  • English, Spanish

Double Barrel follows surf and travel journalist Angie Takanami’s journey to Peru to document Peruvian surf guide Harold Koechlin’s dream of protecting Peru’s world-class surf breaks. After a chance meeting, the two compared tales of living through natural and human-inflicted disasters, and their dreams for sustainable surf development and tourism. Focussed in the oil-dominated town of Lobitos, Harold is working together with the local and international community and is determined to preserve the locals’ right to a clean ocean and environment to give towns like Lobitos a more sustainable future.

Double Barrel
  • English, Spanish
Angie Davis
Angie Davis Director
Tim Wreyford
Tim Wreyford Director of photography
Alejandro Berger
Alejandro Berger Director of photography

Production Companies

Switchboard Media Group