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Dogtown and Z-Boys

  • 6 10
  • 2001
  • Nonemin
Dogtown and Z-Boys
  • English

Dog Town and Z-Boys follows the evolution of skateboarding from the 60's and into the late 70's as skateboarding's california beach boy image is transformed into a low-riding surf oriented style. Dog Town is a documentary of the group of surfers in Venice Beach, California and how flat waves and a need for something more extreme lead to the verticle era of the sport.

Dogtown and Z-Boys
  • English
Stacy Peralta
Stacy Peralta Screenplay, Director
Sebastian Jungwirth
Sebastian Jungwirth Director of Photography
Peter Pilafian
Peter Pilafian Director of Photography
Craig Stecyk
Craig Stecyk Screenplay, Production Design
Sean Penn
Sean Penn Narrator
Jay Adams
Jay Adams Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk Himself
Jeff Ament
Jeff Ament Himself
Tony Alva
Tony Alva Himself
Jeff Ho
Jeff Ho Himself