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Disgraced Monuments

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  • 1994
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Disgraced Monuments
  • Original Title: Disgraced Monuments

Filmmakers Laura Mulvey and Mark Lewis use rare archival footage and interviews with artists, art historians, and museum directors to examine the fate of Soviet-era monuments during successive political regimes, from the Russian Revolution through the collapse of communism. Mulvey and Lewis highlight both the social relevance of these relics and the cyclical nature of history. Broadcast on Channel Four as part of the 'Global Image' series (1992-1994).

Disgraced Monuments
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Director, Writer...
Laura Mulvey
Laura Mulvey Director, Writer...
Larry Sider
Larry Sider Sound Recordist
Thomas H. Turnbull
Thomas H. Turnbull Director of Photography
Tom Hayes
Tom Hayes Editor
Karl Jenkins
Karl Jenkins Original Music Composer
Michael Ratledge
Michael Ratledge Original Music Composer
Marc Benoit
Marc Benoit Sound Mixer
Petra Markham
Petra Markham Voice Over
Pavel Gatynya
Pavel Gatynya Voice Over

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