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Dick Cavett's Watergate

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  • 2014
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Dick Cavett's Watergate
  • English

From 1972 to 1974, the Watergate scandal was frequently a part of “The Dick Cavett Show.” In fact, Cavett was at the forefront of national TV coverage, interviewing nearly every major Watergate figure as the crisis unfolded. With exclusive access to the archive of the show, DICK CAVETT’S WATERGATE documents the scandal in the words of the people who lived it: from the botched burglary at the Democratic National Headquarters; to the must-see TV of the daily Congressional Watergate hearings; to the ongoing behind-the-scenes battle between the White House and “The Dick Cavett Show,” culminating with the resignation of President Nixon on August 9, 1974. DICK CAVETT’S WATERGATE offers a unique opportunity to mark the 40th anniversary of a defining moment in American history.

Dick Cavett's Watergate
  • English
Robert Bader
Robert Bader Executive Producer
Steve Burns
Steve Burns Executive Producer
Stephanie Carter
Stephanie Carter Coordinating Producer
Dave Harding
Dave Harding Producer
Dick Cavett
Dick Cavett Himself
Tim Naftali
Tim Naftali Himself
John W. Dean
John W. Dean Himself
Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward Himself