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Dealers Among Dealers

  • 9 10
  • 1995
  • 92min
Dealers Among Dealers
  • Original Title: Dealers Among Dealers

A behind-the-scenes look at the millionaire world of the diamond business in New York.

Dealers Among Dealers

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Chicago International Film Festival/ Best Documentary Feature. CINE Competition/ Honorable Mention. Columbus International Film and Video Festival/ Best Documentary Feature. Louisville Film and Video festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Berlin Film Festival/ Sydney Film Festival/ Haifa International FIlm Festival/ Edinburgh Film Festival/ Montreal World Film Festival/ Louisville Film Festival/ Nyon International Documentary Festival, Switzerland/ Cinema du Reel, Center/ George Pompidou, Paris/ Museum of Modern Art Film Series, New York/ Jewish Film Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center, NY/ Toronto Jewish Film Festival/ London Jewish Film Festival/ San Francisco Jewish Film Festival/ Boston Jewish Film Festival/ Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival


Dealers among Dealers, The diamond business in New York City

The cross-sectional view of director Gaylen Ross gives us entrance to all the spaces in which the diamond market moves around in New York City, from the diamond cutters' workshop, to the office where the millions of dollars appear or slip through the fingers.

"The possibility of turning a stone into something beautiful" is one of the answers we hear when a worker of the disciplined group of diamond cutters is asked about the reason to take this job. Cut, weigh and measure are some daily taks that the cutters assume with an admirable perfectionism.

In a point-blank approach, the film allows us to witness the rhythm and the day-to-day conversations between hysterical brokers, young and old, for whom the fast-paced world of the diamond business has become, much more than a life style, a permanent injection of adrenaline.


Gaylen Ross
Gaylen Ross Director

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GR Films Inc

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