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Day Zero

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  • 2019
  • 52min
Day Zero
  • Original Title: Day Zero

While the decline in drinking water supplies threatens existence of life on planet Earth, already in Cape Town, South Africa, the crisis is showing its worst face. What can they do to prevent "Day Zero"?

Day Zero

Day Zero. The environmental apartheid in South Africa

Scientists estimate that one in four cities worldwide will be affected by water shortages by 2050. In the South African metropolis of Cape Town, water is already running out today.

The disaster was foreseeable: periods of drought and rapid population growth were ignored for too long by political decision-makers. The authorities are now looking frantically for remedies as the water shortage is threatening livelihoods and giving rise to a new apartheid. 

There are fears of social unrest, epidemics and an economic breakdown in the region. How could this happen in spite of the warnings by scientists?  And is it still possible to avert the worst?

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