Dark on Dark

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  • 2017
  • 72min
Dark on Dark
  • Original Title: Dark (2017-2020)

After having studied together at the University of Toulouse several years ago a Nigerian man and a French man meet once again in another context: the former has left the academic environment to live in the streets of that city.

Dark on Dark

AWARDS: Special Mention. Laceno d'Oro 42

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS:Festival du cinéma réel/ Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona/ Semaine asymétrique/ Mostra Internationcional de Cinema Etnografico/ Eneagrama Festival de Cine Experimental/ Parana international film festival/ 

Dark on Dark. I Iook at you from my own darkness 

The streets of Toulouse are the common groound of the present and the past of our protagonists. Boureima, from Nigeria, and Lo Thivolle, a French man, meet again here after having studied together at the University of Toulouse several years ago. 

But far from continuing in the academic environment, Boureima has been living in the streets for some time after deciding to move away from social normality. 

This turn in the life of Boureima is what dentonates this intimate documentary, in which Lo Thivolle, the director of the film, gets involved in the shot, filming the conversations he has with Boureima, who reveals to him with all confidence a fascinating universe of ideas that make him be who he is. 

The finding that Boureima's father was a King of a tribe and also the protagonist of an iconic documentary from the eighties allows a very important retrospective device to continue understanding the soul of the Nigerian.


Lo Thivolle
Lo Thivolle Director

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