Dancing Free

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  • 2019
  • 61min
Dancing Free
  • Original Title: Dancing Free

In a daring blend of confinement and creativity, incarcerated women in Marseille discover the power of dance, guided by a famous choreographer, to perform on prestigious stages.

Dancing Free

Dance your pain - Empowering, Transformative, Uplifting

This powerful documentary captures an extraordinary journey of transformation and expression, featuring Sylvie, Lili, Sophia, Annie, and Malika — women who have never danced before and are serving long sentences in a Marseille prison. Under the guidance of renowned choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, they embark on a bold and deeply moving four-month dance workshop. The film poignantly documents their preparation for a performance "outside the walls," culminating in a prestigious showcase at the Black Pavilion in Aix and the International Dance Festival in Montpellier. This project not only offers an alternative perspective on prison life and confinement but also celebrates the liberating power of dance and the creative process, showcasing how art can transcend barriers and bring hope and new meaning to the lives of the incarcerated.

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