Dances with the Wind

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 88min
Dances with the Wind
  • Original Title: Dances with the Wind

This documentary shows the life of an aspiring ballerino trades in his toe shoes for the barefoot freedom of street dance, we uncover the compelling story behind this unexpected metamorphosis.

Dances with the Wind

Dances with the Wind -  Street Dance, Transformation

This is a poignant documentary that centers around an Asian boy who once harbored dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. He spent his youthful days learning the graceful art, pirouetting in toe shoes, and envisioning a life under the limelight. However, an unforeseen twist in his narrative compels him to abandon the ballet studio's polished wooden floors and take to the concrete jungles as a street dancer. What circumstances led to this drastic shift in his dancing journey? This film explores the transformative events that nudged him away from his ballet dreams and pushed him towards the pulsating rhythms of street dance.

Sangjin Choi
Sangjin Choi Director

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