Dance To The Spirits

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  • 2009
  • 79min
Dance To The Spirits
  • Original Title: Dansa als esperits (2010)

This documentary takes us into the culture of the Evuzok, inhabitants of southern Cameroon who through the ritual of the dance to the spirits heal the mysterious diseases of the night.

Dance To The Spirits

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Rotterdam International Film Festival/ Festival Internacional de Cine de Navarra "Punto de Vista"/ Jean Rouch International Film Festival/ Festival de Málaga/ Buenos Aires International Film Festival/ Beach Festival du Documentaire de Kribi/ Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali/ Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival/ Viennale. Vienna International Film Festival

Dance to the Spirits. The diseases of the night

To the Evuzok, a tribe in the South of Cameroon, there are two kinds of diseases that are cured different ways: the “natural” ones and the ones from the night world, caused by sorcery.

Dance to the Spirits is the story of Mba Owona Pierre, the village chief and ngengan (healer). He deals with the sicknesses that come from the night world where spirits live and attack his people.

Pierre has a special gift and a responsibility towards his fellow villagers. The dance to the spirits is his main healing ritual.

Ricardo Íscar
Ricardo Íscar Director

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