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Cyberwar Threat

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  • 2015
  • Nonemin
Cyberwar Threat
  • Original Title: Cyberwar Threat

Now, thanks to documents released by Edward Snowden, the true scale of the NSA’s scope and power is coming to light. Besides spending billions of dollars to ingest and analyze the worlds’ electronic communications, the NSA has set out to dominate a new battlefield – cyberspace. We examine the science and technology behind cyberwarfare and ask “Are we are in the midst of a new arms race?” Sophisticated stealth programs such as the Stuxnet worm can take over and destroy the control systems regulating everything from food factories to gas pipelines, power plants and more – even our cars. While the destruction of Iranian centrifuges may have delayed Iran’s bomb program and forestalled an Israeli strike, the Stuxnet attack has opened a Pandora’s Box and now America’s own infrastructure is vulnerable. With leading defense experts and investigative journalists, we examine the chilling new reality of cyberwar in which no nation or individual is safe from attack.

Cyberwar Threat
Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt Writer, Executive Producer
Ariam McCrary
Ariam McCrary Conceptual Design
Ekin Akalin
Ekin Akalin Animation
Doug Dunderdale
Doug Dunderdale Sound Recordist
Greg McCleary
Greg McCleary Sound Re-Recording Mixer
David S. McJunkin
David S. McJunkin Sound Recordist
Cristopher Warkentin
Cristopher Warkentin Sound Recordist
Christos Arabatzis
Christos Arabatzis Camera Operator
Yuri Burak
Yuri Burak Camera Operator
Rory Emmons
Rory Emmons Gaffer
Philip Geyelin Jr.
Philip Geyelin Jr. Camera Operator
Ernie Kunze
Ernie Kunze Gaffer
Torsten Lapp
Torsten Lapp Camera Operator
Jaro Savol
Jaro Savol Camera Operator
Ariam McCrary
Ariam McCrary Unit Manager
Daniel McCabe
Daniel McCabe Editor, Producer
Gary Henoch
Gary Henoch Director of photography
Julia Cort
Julia Cort Production Supervisor
Kevin Young
Kevin Young Supervising Producer
Willie Toubman
Willie Toubman Associate Producer
Anna Rothschild
Anna Rothschild Associate Producer
Greg Kestin
Greg Kestin Associate Producer
Ari Daniel
Ari Daniel Producer
Neil Barrett
Neil Barrett Director of photography
David Condon
David Condon Development Manager
Laurie Cahalane
Laurie Cahalane Production Coordinator
Paula S. Apsell
Paula S. Apsell Executive Producer
Craig Sechler
Craig Sechler Himself - Narrator
Eric Chien
Eric Chien Himself
James Comey
James Comey Himself
Shane Harris
Shane Harris Himself
Joe Weiss
Joe Weiss Himself
Tariq Yusuf
Tariq Yusuf Himself
Kim Zetter
Kim Zetter Herself

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