Cumbia Around The World

  • 9.5 10
  • 2020
  • 87min
Cumbia Around The World
  • Original Title: Cumbia Que Te Vas De Ronda

Have you ever heard of cumbia music? This exciting road movie follows a group of filmmakers and musicians as they travel tracing the paths of cumbia as a musical Latin American phenomenon.

Cumbia Around The World


Cumbia Around The World. The Sound Of Latin America

The documentary begins in Buenos Aires and travels through Latin America to explore where cumbia was born and grew. Pioneers and references from Totó la Momposina to Los Mirlos, Celso Piña, La Charanga del Caribe—and many others—all share their knowledge and passion for cumbia, giving viewers an inside look at the making of this beloved genre. Along the way, the crew captures intimate stories from all over Latin America that highlight the power of cumbia music to bring people together. 

The documentary also features performances from some of today’s most popular acts in cumbia music such as Los Rakas, Maria y Jose, Chico Trujillo, La Mecanica Popular, Sonido Gallo Negro, La Yegros and many more. These dynamic performances capture the energy of cumbia music while reminding viewers why it continues to be an influential force in Latin American culture.  

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