Cross and Banner

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  • 2017
  • 53min

Every two years, the small town of Beverungen, in the middle of Germany, celebrates with particular vigour its “Schützenfest“, the traditional Marksmen's Festival. Festivities are focused on numerous parades and a shooting contest, where the winner is declared “King“.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film/ Cinema Du Reél/ Beldocs IDFF/ Chinese-German Documentary Forum Shanghai/ Shortlist Golden Lotus Award, Macau International Movie Festival/ Festival de La Salle/ Portobello Film Festival/ FesDOB Documentary Film Festival

Cross and Banner, a medieval dimension in the 21st century

Director Jurgen Ellinghaus opens a threshold for a medieval dimension that opens every two years in the small German village of Beverungen. It is the “Marksmen's Festival”, an event that dates back to the Middle Ages and involves several activities that honor the tradition of those who at that time used to protect the rural areas of the Germanic region from wars and looting.

Through an observational approach,in Cross and Banner we also witness the “Confederation of Historical German Marksmen´s Brotherhoods”, which occurs in Beverungen.A competition of noble and elegant men for whom winning it is a childhood dream, a marriage between members of the aristocracy, the coronation of a new king, a military evening parade in the light of the torches and even a crowded party with techno music at the end of the event are just some of the postcards of this film that celebrate the existence of the human rite.

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