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Cries from the Deep

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  • 1981
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Cries from the Deep

This documentary records the journey undertaken by Jacques Cousteau, his 24-member team, and an NFB film crew to explore the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, one of the world's richest fishing areas. They discover shipwrecks, film icebergs and observe beluga whales, humpback whales and harp seals. The film also includes a fascinating sequence showing Calypso divers freeing a calf whale entrapped in a fishing net.

Cries from the Deep
Jacques Gagné
Jacques Gagné Director
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Jacques-Yves Cousteau Writer, Producer
Jacques Bobet
Jacques Bobet Producer
Colin Mounier
Colin Mounier Director of photography
Guy Dufaux
Guy Dufaux Director of photography
Raymond Coll
Raymond Coll Director of photography
Bernard Delemotte
Bernard Delemotte Director of photography
Albert Falco
Albert Falco Director of photography

Production Companies

National Film Board of Canada