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Crack USA: County Under Siege

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  • 1989
  • Nonemin
Crack USA: County Under Siege
  • Original Title: Crack USA: County Under Siege

Documentary which aired in 1989 as part of the HBO documentary series "American Undercover". It was filmed in West Palm Beach, Florida over the course of eight weeks and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The documentary shows a cross section of abusers who have fallen under the deadly spell of the most addictive and affordable drug in America. Interviews with addicts and their families reveal that crack knows no socio-economic boundaries. Teenagers discuss the desperate measures they have taken to obtain the drug. The producers acknowledged the following for their assistance in making this film: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office; West Palm Beach Police Department; Data House of the Drug Abuse Treatment Association © Half-Court Productions Ltd. 1989

Crack USA: County Under Siege
Vince DiPersio
Vince DiPersio Director, Writer...
Bill Guttentag
Bill Guttentag Director, Writer...
Jean de Segonzac
Jean de Segonzac Director of photography
Eoin McCann
Eoin McCann Sound Engineer
Susan Chernus
Susan Chernus Editorial Production Assistant
Samuel Henriques
Samuel Henriques Camera Technician
Hollie Mueller
Hollie Mueller Production Office Assistant
Joe Mantegna
Joe Mantegna Narrator

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