Cows on the Roof

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  • 2020
  • 81min
Cows on the Roof
  • Original Title: Cows on the Roof

Fabiano faces the trials of his family's agricultural business in Southern Switzerland, juggling debt, dilapidation, and guilt from a tragic accident as he prepares for fatherhood with his girlfriend Eva.

Cows on the Roof

AWARDS: Jury Award for Best Feature Documentary Film. Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival/ Grand Prix from jury. FIFMA/ The Folk Arts Hub Foundation Special Award. Ujan IDFF/ Prize of the Development Society of Vers-l'Eglise. FIFAD/ Golden Gentian for Best Film. Trento Film Festival/ Jury Prize SSA/Suissimage to the most innovative film. Visions du Réel IFF 

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Nonfiktionale/ Ladek Mountain Festival/ Millenium Documentary International Festival/ South Korea Ulju Mountain Film Festival/ Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival/ FIFMA/ ATIEFF Apricot Tree IDFF/ Ujan IDFF/ Matsalu Nature Film Festival/ ATIEFF Apricot Tree IDFF/ Five Lakes Film Festival​/ FIFAD/ Cervino Cinemountain IFF/ Trento Film Festival/ Peloponnisos IDFF/ Visions du Réel IFF 

Cows on the Roof - Struggle, Responsibility, Resilience

In this captivating documentary the isolated valley of Southern Switzerland, Fabiano, heir to his family's small-scale agricultural business, finds himself mired in a cycle of nightmares mirroring the challenges of his reality. Despite owning fifty goats and eight cows, his efforts to produce the special alp cheese that once sustained his hippie parents in the 1980s are thwarted by mounting debt, dilapidated infrastructure, and dwindling profits. Haunted by the memory of a fatal accident involving a Macedonian illegal worker, Fabiano grapples with guilt and responsibility. As his girlfriend Eva anticipates the arrival of their child and dreams of a simple life surrounded by nature, they must confront the harsh realities of their circumstances and navigate the uncertain path ahead.

Aldo Gugolz
Aldo Gugolz Director

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