Corpus Delicti

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 73min
Corpus Delicti
  • Original Title: Corpo Delito

Ivan cannot move without his electronic anklet. After years in prison, he is on probation and trying to get back to normalcy with his family. But how long can he last locked outside and haunted by his past?

Corpus Delicti

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes/ Forumdoc.BH/ Dok Leipzig 

Corpus Delicti. When prison follows you everywhere

Ivan, 30, just got out of jail after eight years in prison. He is now back to his home, back to his wife, Gleice, and to Glenda, his six years old daughter who he barely knows.

It’s a chance to restart life. However, the past still haunts him. Ivan is on probation. An electronic anklet prohibits him to make any path other than from home to work. 

At night, he can not leave the house. Gradually, he gets more and more stressed out. After a youth full of the adventures and of the dramas of crime, Ivan seems unable to live a normal family life. 

Pedro Rocha
Pedro Rocha Director

Production Companies

Corpo Aberto

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