Considering the ends

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  • 2020
  • 68min
Considering the ends
  • Original Title: Nous La Mangerons

In the fields of southern France, a young shepherdess will have to learn how to kill the animals she works and lives with every single day.

Considering the ends


Considering the ends. How to kill my animals

The filmmaker wanted to make this film for personal, historical and cultural reasons. 

The project itself gravitates around the controversy surrounding the slaughter of livestock, which was brought back front and center in the debate by the widespread diffusion of footage taken directly within slaughterhouses. 

It also placed the problem right on our plate: the consumption of animal flesh is neither harmless, nor innocent. The director Elsa Maury feels, however, that this matter raised the need for images and narratives formed from other perspectives.

Elsa Maury
Elsa Maury Director

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Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

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