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  • 2017
  • Nonemin
  • Slovene

Codelli is a feature-length docudrama about a little-known film project by Slovenian inventor Baron Anton Codelli. Together with filmmaker and adventurer Hans Schomburgk he filmed in Togo in 1914 the first live-action film in Africa, which possibly inspired James Rice Burroughs for his novel on Tarzan. In the company of three Codelli’s descendants and actor Primož Bezjak, we traced the fate of Codelli’s film, brought the remains from Togo and Berlin to Ljubljana and used the Green Screen technology to bring to life 15 live-action scenes based on 600 Codelli’s museum photographs.

  • Slovene
Miha Čelar
Miha Čelar Director, Writer
Primož Bezjak
Primož Bezjak Baron Codelli
Katarina Stegnar
Katarina Stegnar Valentina Mladota
Doroteja Nadrah
Doroteja Nadrah Servant Marija
Grega Zorc
Grega Zorc Engineer Freischmidt
Marinka Štern
Marinka Štern Codelli's Mother
Branko Jordan
Branko Jordan James Hodgson
Uroš Kaurin
Uroš Kaurin Hans Schumburgk
Janja Majzelj
Janja Majzelj 4th Wife
Mojca Fatur
Mojca Fatur Meg Gherts