Closer To God

  • 8.3 10
  • 2018
  • 85min
Closer To God
  • Original Title: Closer to God (2014)

Through the lives of two Pakistani men, one dedicated to the spiritual life and the other a defender of an ancient musical tradition, we learn about different ways of approaching the idea of God or divinity.

Closer To God

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Closer To God. In search of the great author

This documentary immerses itself in the spiritual everyday life of the mystic Gogha Sain and the master singer Ustad Saami. 

The master singer dedicates his work entirely to music, an ancient heritage of the undivided subcontinent, and its transmission to the next generation. 

Gogha Sain seeks to place his existence entirely at the service of God and his fellow human beings. 

What they have in common is the realization that only those who find their way to themselves respect their counterparts.

Annette Berger
Annette Berger Director

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Dokwerkstatt GmbH

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