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Cliché - Gypsy Life

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  • 2015
  • Nonemin
Cliché - Gypsy Life
  • English

Ten years since the inaugural “Gypsy Tour”—Cliché Skateboards notorious pan-European road trip/survival tour — the company celebrates a decade of scraping by on 15-Euros-a-day and sleeping under the stars by combining it with their 8th full-length video release. Gypsy Life is split between documenting Gypsy Tour 4 (with guest janitor Chet Childress) and showcasing full parts from Paul Hart and Max Geronzi along with heavy footage drops from Kyron Davis, Brad McClain and Adrien Coillard. In the footsteps of Bon Appétit and Freedom Fries, Gypsy Life will introduce an entire new generation of Cliché prodigies to the world, while including hefty Gypo helpings of Lucas Puig, Joey Brezinski, Andrew Brophy and the rest of the Pro team to boot. Get in the caravan!

Cliché - Gypsy Life
  • English
Boris Proust
Boris Proust Director, Editor...
Lucas Puig
Lucas Puig Himself
Kyron David
Kyron David Himself
Lee Smith
Lee Smith Himself
Max Geronzi
Max Geronzi Himself
Paul Hart
Paul Hart Himself
Lem Villemin
Lem Villemin Himself

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