Clean Slate

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  • 2021
  • 98min
Clean Slate
  • Original Title: Clean Slate

Two friends cope with addiction in a drug recovery program and drain their struggles with mental illness by making a short film, hoping to mend the wounds they've caused to their families.

Clean Slate

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Georgia Film Critics Association/ Nashville Film Festival

Clean Slate - Coping with addiction through cinema

This documentary is a poignant narrative about two friends entrenched in a Southern drug recovery program. As they grapple with their addiction and mental health issues, they embark on a cathartic journey of self-expression, creating a short film that confronts the anguish they've inflicted on their families. Through this creative process, they seek redemption, healing, and a deeper understanding of their struggles.

Jared Callahan
Jared Callahan Director

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