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Ciutat morta

  • 8.7 10
  • 2014
  • 122min
Ciutat morta
  • Original Title: Ciutat morta

8 June, 2013. 800 people enter an abandoned cinema in Barcelona to project a documentary film. The old building is renamed as "Cinema Patricia Heras" in honor of a girl who committed suicide two years earlier. But who is Patricia? Why she decided to commit suicide? How his death related to Barcelona? The answers to these questions are exactly what they want to publicize with this illegal and high media impact action: the truth about one of the worst cases of police corruption in Barcelona is known, in the dead city.

Ciutat morta
AWARDS: Honorific Mention. MiradasDoc Documentary Film Festival/ Best Documentary. Malaga Film Festival/
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: DocsBarcelona/ AtlanticDoc/ 


Ciutat Morta, justice for the dead poet

Hundreds of people illegally occupy an old cinema for the screening of a documentary that unveils the unofficial version of the famous case "4F", occured in Barcelona in 2013. 

The demonstration marks the beginning of “Ciutat Morta”, a film made to make visible the abuses of institutional power through the vibrant but ephemeral life of poet Patricia Ramos.

Among a series of arbitrary arrests following the death of a policeman during a raid on a popular neighborhood in Barcelona, Patricia Heras is arrested despite being innocent, which will inevitably lead to suicide weeks later.

In Ciutat Morta, the facts of the "4F" case are unraveled not only to reveal the prejudices and abuses of the repressive institutions of the State, but also to make Patricia Heras' indomitable soul eternal in film frames.

Xavier Artigas
Xavier Artigas Director
Xapo Ortega
Xapo Ortega Director

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