• 7.3 10
  • 2011
  • 47min
  • Original Title: Ciudadela

In the San Pedro male prison of La Paz, Bolivia, 1500 prisoners coexist in a space originally designed for only 300 nuns. Inside, it is like a small city, with businesses and services abound. The prisoners make their living inside the enclosure as they would outside. There is a strong self-organization that plans every-body's lives. As if it weren't enough, there are hundreds of women, wives of the inmates, and almost 300 children, who chose to share their captivity. They are non-convicted beings that accepted living behind bars with the only purpose of preserving a united family. The documentary shows the life of a family inside the jail of La Paz.

Diego Mondaca
Diego Mondaca Director

Production Companies

Manosudaca Films

Pucara Films

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